When will I be matched with a guest?

You’ll be matched with a guest when a guest registers with us who is compatible with your area, table size, etc.

Can I donate a dinner?
YES! If you can deliver a dinner to someone in need, please let us know on the host form. We are receiving requests for turkeys and dinners.

I want to host/donate. Why haven’t yo

u returned my phone call?
If you’re calling to register as a host, the only way to do so is to fill out our host form. I am a 1 person operation and I’d love to chat with all of you, but there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

I have to shop/cook/prepare. I really need to know right now. Why can’t you let me know?
I can’t let you know because your match hasn’t registered with us yet. While you’re waiting for your match, help spread the word by cross-posting on your page and other pages. Encourage your friends to do the same. Hand out flyers. Look around your own community and invite someone who might be alone for the holiday. Finally, if you have a cutoff date where you can no longer take someone if matched, just PM me and let me know.


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